Leavenworth Crime Reports

If you see something, do something!
Outsmarting crime. Together.

CityCop is a social GPS application for community watch that enables you to fight crime and protect yourself and your neighbors. Join efforts with other users to avoid robberies and other types of crimes to protect our way of life. With CityCop you can actively report crimes in your community, and receive alerts from other users that are doing the same. Choose your alert zones in the map and receive information of what is happening there, in real time!

Browse crime
activity near you

You can now actively alert about crime in your community, and you can receive real time alerts from others who are doing the same as you.

Report crime safely
and anonymously

Create areas of interest and receive information about what happens there in real time

Setup custom alerts via
mobile and desktop

Encourage your family and friends using CityCop. as a valuable tool for information and prevention. We want to reach all neighborhoods and cities, and wit your help we can do it.

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